Linux From Scratch

Build your own Linux?

Have you heard of Linux From Scratch? I found this project back in 2000. Having been new to Linux at the time, I thought the idea of creating my own Linux system from the ground up sounded pretty fun.

The Linux From Scratch (LFS) was started in 1999 by Gerard Beekmans.

Over the years I’ve compiled several versions of the book. It’s been pretty exciting getting to see how a complete environment is put together and how the entire Linux system evolves with advances in technology.

I’m not trying to make the next big Linux distro, this is just for fun.

What I’m up to:

Right now, I’m using version 8.1-systemd of the LFS book. My goal is to create an LFS that uses RPM as its package manager and a corresponding software repository.

I’ve compiled the book by hand, typing every command to build and install every package, several times. Last time, I used shell scripts to somewhat automate the build process. This time, I’m adapting an LFS build system on GitHub that creates  RPM packages. The build system covers an earlier version of LFS, so I’m updating the system’s RPM spec files to build a set of RPM’s comprising the base LFS system.

What’s next?

  • Create an installer (Collect info, partition disks, install system) ISO
  • Fully substitute Wayland for X11
  • Create a LiveCD version that can also install to hard disk
  • Build repository packages.
  • Do it all over again when the next book comes out